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Looking Back at 2022 with Gratitude

2022 was a momentous year for DANESTYLES! What started in Lone Holt’s home in 2012 has leveled up over the last ten years. When the new location opened in December 2020, DANESTYLES became the first Natulique-certified Earth Salon in the state of Washington with near-zero waste, a robust recycling program, and a non-toxic space all the way down to the carefully chosen paint on the walls and floors. From the beginning, DANESTYLES was recognized as a Green Circle salon, which means even hair clippings and excess hair color are recovered and diverted from landfills!

Today DANESTYLES is a brick-and-mortar salon, spa, and art gallery that employs four talented stylists and engages a great support team. Here is what we are celebrating as we kick off the new year.

Sticking to our core principles, we doubled in size last year, bringing on two new stylists to join Lone and Alida. Meagan, a curly hair specialist with expertise in hair extensions, joined us in March. Cee Jae joined us in July as a stylist with Ayurvedic training, a perfect match for the LYKKE spa. The increase in scale meant stepping up our business practices for the salon and product distribution, so we also welcomed Annette Kleven as a business manager. Want to join the DANESTYLES family as a stylist?

With Cee Jae on board and remodeling complete, the LYKKE spa opened (“lykke” is the Danish word for happiness, luck or fortune, pronounced Loo-kuh), offering skin care and treatments that deeply soothe the body’s nervous system. Our cozy spa room includes a vessel for Shirodhara, a blissful Ayurvedic practice of slowly and steadily pouring oil over your forehead for the ultimate therapeutic head massage. Want to try it? Book an appointment and be sure to let us know how well you sleep after! 

Coaching and education are part of the DANESTYLES vision, and last year that vision became reality. We hosted Kristin Dionne from Rad Hair Studio in Bellingham for a long shag cutting class, Hattori Hanzo educator Shelby Sark for an advanced shear cutting class, and Meagan showed us techniques for natural curl cutting. Fellow stylists, want to attend our in-salon education sessions? Follow DANESTYLES on Instagram..

Andrea Lewicki joined the team the team as our curator at the beginning of 2022. Art was always part of plan for the new location and since moving in, we’ve shared our walls with over a dozen local artists whose artwork can be found in galleries around Puget Sound. KSDluxe sterling silver jewelry was added to the salon’s shop in March. Want to show your art with us? Drop a line to our curator.

While we celebrate these milestones, we are also filled with gratitude for your support. Some of you have been along for the whole journey! To our old friends and new friends, thank you!

Happy New Year from all of us at DANESTYLES

Stylist Wanted

There is room in the DANESTYLES family for a talented part-time stylist. A strong candidate would be considered for employment with high service & retail commissions and would receive education, coaching, and all the Green/Earth salon benefits.

DANESTYLES celebrated 10 years of business in 2022. What started in Lone Holt’s home in 2012 has grown to a brick-and-mortar salon, spa, and art gallery that employs talented stylists with a great support team behind the scenes. Our vibe is a just-right blend of cozy comfort, confidence, and badass calm. If that sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch.

DANESTYLES is the first and only salon in North America to receive the Earth Salon distinction from Natulique. We are passionate about providing a healthy, non-toxic environment for our stylists and clients. Formulated in Denmark, our product lines are not only free of synthetic and harmful ingredients, they meet some the most rigorous organic certifications in the world.

Interested? Send an email to Lone Holt (danestyles at gmail dot com).

Lykke Spa: Beautiful Beginnings

Hello Lone’s blog readers, Jen Mauck here! I’m a writer, client and friend of Lone’s for many many years. I’m SO excited to be a guest blogger this month and write about the newest addition to DaneStyles—Lykke Spa. 

Lykke Spa is sweetly nestled in the heart of DaneStyles Salon and is a peaceful, warm and cozy nook of pure utopia. Lykke Spa (Lykke is the Danish word for happy) is bursting with good vibes, as spa specialist, CeeJae, focuses on using natural ancient Ayurvedic techniques to achieve balance and deep relaxation. Of course, Natulique’s new earth-friendly, clean, light and luxurious skincare line, Lykkegaard, beautifully compliments these unique massage-focused treatments. Lone told me her mission was for people to just feel happy there, to be deeply relaxed. Well, mission accomplished, Lone. 🙂 Everything about the spa is intoxicating. From the intuitive and decadent skincare, to the magical hands and spirit of CeeJae, Lykke Spa is a little piece of heaven right here in Snohomish—and to think it all began with a hot oil treatment dream and a garage! 

The Vessel and the Garage

When Lone’s personal esthetician asked if she were interested in a Shirodhara Copper Vessel, she jumped at the opportunity, as she always wanted to add hot oil hair treatments to her salon services. The copper vessel was even more than she hoped for, as it has a deep-rooted healing history (3000 years to be exact!). The vessel is designed for the ancient Indian Ayurvedic hair and scalp treatment, Shirodhara, and is supposed to ignite a sense of inner calm (yes please!). The vessel pours out a warm herbal oil onto the head, quieting the mind and body.  Lone was completely intrigued by this and the other potential Ayurvedic techniques she could offer.  

This all sounded spectacular, but there were two huge problems—she needed a space for clients to lie down completely flat on a table. And an Ayurvedic specialist. Lone didn’t have either. That didn’t stop her from being diligent. After pondering around in her salon inventory garage for a while, Lone ultimately knew what she had to do—demo the walls and build it.  What was once a storage space, was now a peaceful cozy spa room, and within a few months Lykke Spa originated. In a serendipitous string of events, CeeJae, certified Ayurvedic specialist and stylist, was looking for a new home for her spa and salon business. The stars aligned for this very moment (que the inspirational music!) and the timing was pure magic. 

The Ayurvedic Vibe

With Lone, there is a deeper sense of care involved in everything she does. It wasn’t enough to just have a spa. She wanted a holistic purpose—a place for people to truly find peace and experience care that was unexpected and special. This not only begins with high-quality, natural skincare products, but also with a unique approach to healing and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. Introducing the ancient Ayurvedic techniques. If you’re not familiar with Ayurvedic care, it’s an ancient holistic practice that promotes longevity, physical wellness and soul connection using a combination of physical, psychological and spiritual health techniques and remedies. The ancient method is based on the five elements— space, water, warth, fire and air. Each person embodies a unique blend of these elements called Doshas, which help us understand ourselves better and is designed to show us how to achieve true balance and happiness. 

I have had two Ayurvedic spa treatments so far— the Signature Lykke Ayurvedic Facial and the Shirodhara Oil and Massage. CeeJae, certified cosmetologist, Dosha counselor and Ayurveda specialist (basically my new spirit animal! :)) sets the tone with her cool and calming energy and an eagerness to share her passion about Ayurvedic practice and experience. After an enlightening reading of my doshas (which was a really cool experience), CeeJae began the facial with customized aromatherapy, deep breathing and a light neck massage. She continued using products from Lykkegaard, which are so amazing and align perfectly with DaneStyle and Ayurveda core natural values. 

My Love for Lykke

The facial massage was, of course, my favorite. I admit, I’m facial-obsessed. I probably get facials at least once a month, and although I have my go-to estheticians, I do like to enjoy new providers and environments. So, I have something to compare this to. My first thought was it’s unusual to receive that much care and attention to detail in the facial massage portion. It usually comes more with exfoliating and hydrating the face—and that’s even by default, since they have to put the product on anyways. But this was different. This was special. Lone expressed that one of her main goals for the facial treatments was a truly hands-on facial massage. Non-mechanical. No-fuss. No medical injection or hard bursts of air hitting your face. Just good old-fashioned deep face massage. I appreciate that, and it was the main thing I remember about the entire experience. 

Just as relaxing, but with more swift movements and intensity, is the Kansa facial wand, which she used during my Shirodhara Oil Massage treatment. The Kansa Wand increases oxygen and circulation flow to the face, which gives such an amazing glow.  It’s detoxifying and beyond calming! And, CeeJae’s massage isn’t just a nice rub. It’s a rhythm. She is precise and calculated in movement. The results of her ultra-focused treatments are completely game-changing. 

Making a Difference

DaneStyles Salon and Lykke Spa offer distinctive earth-friendly, ethical and sustainable services and products, and a unique Ayurvedic approach to pampering. It is a warm, cozy and peaceful place. The Danes call this Hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”)—a place of cozy contentment and comfort, and represents a value system of living well.  

And, as an immigrant from a Scandinavian country, Lone’s fight to build her business and achieve her goals was quite the undertaking. But she is a fighter. And, she knows what she wants.  It’s the salon’s 2nd birthday soon, and Lone feels so humbled by the insanely talented professionals who work there and grateful for the community of clients who come to relax, share stories, laugh and sometimes cry.  For Lone, that is the ultimate goal—to make a difference in people’s lives. 








Meet My New Styling Team!

Hello everyone! 

Our styling team at DaneStyles is finally complete!! We welcomed two new stylists this summer to join Alida and myself, and I’m so excited to share just how special they are. Below are only a few highlights of their personalities— and maybe a little boasting about their skills, goals and human spirit. 

Alida Mulliken

As you know, Alida was the first stylist to open up the new DaneStyles salon with me and has been through all the new changes with the salon! She’s an artistic person with a fierce hand for hair.  Her passion sparked at a young age,  cutting and coloring her own hair and eventually her friends’ hair as well. Alida is an easy-going stylist and clients feel comfortable asking for her artistic advice when it comes to hair color and styling. She’s always enjoyed doing hair and feels grateful that her profession is artistic and so fulfilling. 

A Snohomish native, Alida loves working in this community where people are constantly lifting each other up and learning all the time. 

Alida’s Bucketlist! 

  • Travel to Japan
  • Own a house
  • Go to MeowWolf Art Gallery in Santa Fe

CeeJae Torrez

CeeJae is full of positive energy and deeply believes that doing hair helps create a space for people to be heard and to even heal. She is passionate about creating lasting relationships with her clients ( her “tribe”) and enjoys being a student of life. She is ever growing and learning and sees the positive in every situation. CeeJae specializes in creative coloring and educating her clients how to style and re-create salon looks. Her scalp massage is heavenly as she focuses on a holistic approach to wellness through hair care using an Ayurvedic healing massage technique that restores harmony and balance ( yes please!). 

CeeJae’s Bucketlist! 

  • Go to India 
  • Paint a mural on a wall
  • Open a vegan food truck on the beach

Meagan Gray 

Megan is not only a peaceful and genuine nature-lover, she’s a curly-hair expert! Her charm is infectious and has a knack for design. Like me, she loves the mountains and is grateful to live and work so close to them as that’s how she enjoys most of her free time. We are thrilled to have Meagan as part of our team! 

Meagan’s Bucketlist! 

  • Live to 100 yrs. old
  • See Taylor Swift in concert
  • Cause a scene 

To book with one of these amazing stylists, go to Danestyles.com.

Much Love!


Artist Talk with Priyanka Parmanand 

Hello Everyone! 

Priyanka Parmanand is the display artist for May and June at the salon! If you haven’t come in to see her work yet, you must before June is over. Our fabulous Art Talk curator Andrea Lewicki wrote up this review for us, describing Priyanka’s technique and approach to her newest collection.

Priyanka is an accomplished painter and arts educator. She paints abstract florals in vibrant colors using palette knives with a loose, spontaneous touch. Priyanka explains, “the complexity and boldness of abstract art has always spoken to me. My work is a blend of expressionism and impressionism. I work with acrylic paints with texture and surface being an important aspect of my work. I work in a simple and spontaneous way with palette knives, moving back and forth loosely across the painting surface. I use vibrant colors that push and pull each other to completion. I paint florals because they reinvigorate ‘Hope’, the fundamental belief for human existence. It is an expression of all that is different while unifying this diversity through a common denominator of human feelings. Plus, they are comforting, healing and bring smiles.” The uplifting quality of her style is a match for the season and a comfort to many! 

Last month we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon Artist Talk with Priyanka where we heard more about her palette knife painting process. She also shared a new direction in her artistic style with us. Here are some video highlights focused on a trio of paintings that reflect this exciting shift. 

In this first video highlight, Priyanka shares the inspiration behind the special triptych that is displayed in Lone’s studio room. It isn’t the rain-watered, lush landscape we are experiencing right now.


Those familiar with her paintings might be surprised to see the black and white background with sharper shapes and less of the luscious buttering of paint characteristic of Priyanka’s floral work. In this second highlight, listen to hear how she took her composition cues from the landscape that inspired the trio.


Finally, listen to Priyanka describe the painting process for the Desert Blooms triptych which is available at @danestyles_artistry in Snohomish through the end of the month.


Thank you, Priyanka, for displaying your paintings with us!

Read more about this artist on her website, https://priyankastudio.com/, or follow her on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/crimsoncanvas/.

Much Love,



Art Talk with Featured Artist Kuria Jorissen

Hello Everyone! 

Our fabulous art curator (and amazing artist-to-boot!), Andrea Lewicki, toured the Dane Styles studio with our featured artist, Kuria Jorissen during this month’s Art Talk night. Kuria, creator of Call of the Mountain Photography, shared her stories of inspiration behind some of her favorite photos (most taken under the stars in the beautiful PNW), as well as what’s next on her photography bucket list! 

Studio Favorites

As Astrophotographer Kuria Jorissen shares her some of her favorite pieces that hang beautifully on our studio walls, one word comes to mind—magical. From the Milky Way at Mt. Rainier to an ocean of stars in Oregon, Kuria stunningly and patiently captures our planet’s true beauty through the lens of her camera (and hidden in her Adventure Quilt as she waits for the perfect shot!)

Photo Credit: https://art.callofthemountainsphotography.com

Ocean of Stars: Kuria captured this amazing photo off the Oregon coast during the perseids (meteor shower) and reflects the awesome phenomenon known as zodiacal light, the ecliptic path of the sun, moon, and planets, and best seen around the equinoxes. Kuria shot this in early August and used her tripod and a star tracker, which tracks the speed of the stars. Each image is two pictures blended together—one for the stars (when the star tracker is on) and one for the landscape (when it’s off). Kuria also catured the bioluminescence waves (when plankton are a little emotional, they glow underwater—this creates the sparkling blue light). Kuria calls it a “full Disney princess thing!” Absolutely stunning! 

Galaxies at First Light: Arguably one of Kuria’s best Milky Way shots, Galaxies at First Light magnifies Mt. Rainier’s truest beauty under the stars.  Piercing through the peaceful yellow skies that shed the east (Yakima to be exact!), the galactic center of the Milky Way shows its radiant core against the night sky and above the grand mountain. What started as a densly foggy and lightly windy evening, ended with a crystal clear portrait of the galaxies at first light.  

Last Light Yosemite: Inspired by artist Ansel Adams, Kuria spent a few days in the hot July valley shooting the natural beauty that is Yosemtie National Park. Although she got alitutude sickness (which is ironic since she’s from Colorado. :)), Kuria took full advantage and captured several beautiful movements of light in the alpen glow sunsets. This experience was truly magnificent, as the sunsets stretch across the valley of these granite giant cliffs, boudlers and mountains. 

To view Kuria’s full collections and learn more about her work, visit Call of the Mountain Photography or visit our natural hair salon in Snohomish Dane Styles, and check it out in-person!  

Kuria’s Bucket List

We asked Kuria what’s next for her, and she shared lots of exciting adventures ahead! 

  • Castles. Yes please! Kuria thinks this will be her next and more realistic goal. She wants to finally get off the continent and visit Scotland, Ireland and England to shoot Castles! We can’t wait for that.
  • The Northern Lights (with the ribbony mists!). She wants to visit Alaska or Iceland, whichever calls first. Sounds devine.
  • Active volcanoes (Hawaii or Iceland!). More speficially, the lava under the Milky Way.  
  • Native Constellations. Kuria is learning more about the native constellations and the stories behind their stars. Since we are usually just taught the Greek history of stars, she is really excited to learn more about our own native history. Can’t wait for this! 

Thank you Kuria for making our studio look out-of-this-world magical! 🙂  

Much Love, 


The Silver Lining

Meet Jewelry Designer Karen Sims Deady!

Hello Everyone! As you know, the last several blogs are all about my tribe—those that contribute to the success of my business and help it thrive. It takes a village, that’s for sure! Each person I highlight are superstar business people who walk the walk. I’m grateful for each and every one of them.  Karen Sims Deady is no exception. A client of mine for only a few months, she impresses me every time we talk. Once a part of the corporate world for many years, Karen took a risk and followed her dreams. Now a full-time contemporary artisan jewelry designer, Karen is metalsmithing (it’s a thing!) her way to boutiques, studios and art galleries to showcase her unique sterling silver and precious stone collections. 

From Corporate to Creative 

I admire Karen for taking risks. After over 15 years working a corporate job, she made the biggest risk of all—to follow her dreams of running her own creative business. She’s had other businesses. But not like this. And not one that would allow her more independence and freedom. She envisioned more than just a hobby on Etsy, more than just ideas and designs floating in her mind. With a leap of faith and total dedication, Karen made that dream a reality. 

Knowledge is Power

You all know I’m passionate about continuing education. The more you know, the more freedom you have.  Karen started taking metalsmithing classes (the art of creating something out of various kinds of metals like forming it, shaping it, stamping it, etc…). She learned to make her own metal pieces so she didn’t have to source them out anymore.  She loved the idea that anything she could dream up; she could make and could design any style and shape she wanted with this new skill. Although she was already an established jewelry designer with a small online boutique on Etsy that she managed on the side.  The class inspired her to explore new creative options for her designs and helped enhance her technique as she began to dive deeper into her revitalized business venture. 

Karen also taught herself via online DIY tutorials and claims that being proactive in her own education is what really pushed her business and passion further. 

It’s Personal 

I talk a lot about the importance of digital marketing.  But, some businesses, like Karen’s, require a more hands-on approach. People want to touch, feel, wear and dissect the jewelry. From the clasp to the length, the texture and the thickness—jewelry conveys a style, a certain vibe. Her customers want to experience that on a deeper level. Karen has a website. She is on social media. But, it’s not about the online presence.  With Karen, it’s personal. That’s why she prefers to showcase her jewelry in local spaces, so people can really experience the craftsmanship in person. 

The Metal of the Moon

Karen’s handcrafted jewelry is made from silver and what she calls the metal of the moon. It’s a graceful metal, appearing in many different ancient myths for centuries. Silver has a very gentle, cool soothing effect. Her respect for the material makes a big difference in the outcome of her designs. There’s very little waste and reflects her holistic values as an artist. From hammered metal to classic designs that can be worn day to evening, her classic, lightweight jewelry looks great on everyone, every age. 

My Takeaways: 

  • Teach Yourself. Take classes and network. There’s never a bad time to learn more from other professionals! 
  • If online marketing is not your thing, build your business the classic way—by networking, showcasing, and face-to-face marketing. 
  • Take risks. You have one life. It’s never too late to follow your passions! 

KSDluxe is online and at local galleries and boutiques like the Schack Art Center in Everett and of course, here at Dane Styles. Thank you Karen for sharing your beautiful designs with us! 

Much Love, 


A Serendipitous March Spotlight

Snohomish Apothecary’s Mindy Westfall Gives Us Just What We Need!

Hello everyone! I am super excited about our March Spotlight. I first met Mindy Westfall at a Snohomish Womens’ Network meeting at Randolph Cellars (shout out!!). It was more curiosity than circumstance that enabled me to go deeper with her right away. She was speaking to another member about the construction happening at her new storefront. I already knew she was moving into this amazing space in Snohomish, right in the center of Avenue D. And, I also knew that this specific building was bigger than meets the eye because I had my eye on it as well. But, I wasn’t exactly sure what she was up to. 

I’m bold, so I asked. 

Mindy told me more about her aromatherapy background and desire to bring natural health into the heart of Snohomish. This new store would be a fresh perspective on healthy living, offering an assortment of locally made natural goods and gifts. She said she wanted to chat with me that evening because she had space in her building to lease, and she knew I was looking. She liked that I was a holistic salon, carrying all-natural luxury haircare. She now tells me,  “Your vibe just fit with the ethos of what we were doing.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t move into that space due to plumbing issues, but even better, I moved in right next door! 

The Calm During the Storm

It was February 2020 when Mindy began construction. But when March came, as you know, everything changed; it was like everyone went to sleep.  Life was literally about to shut down. Mindy felt like she had no other choice but to finish the store herself. With all six kids (yes, that’s right!) in tow and her husband Tim and a few other friends by her side,  Mindy completed the demolition before the shutdown, finishing the remodel and still opening up on time during a world-wide pandemic. It happened… peacefully. It happened… successfully. But, it’s not a surprise. This is her passion. And, she’s great at it.  Mindy tells me that she is good at birthing things. From her kids to essential oils and all the business things, she loves creating from start to finish. What a great way of looking at it! 

New challenges came when updated health and food regulations were announced. Her friends, the makers and farmers who created these natural goods, were pretty much shut down. And, so she asked if they wanted to put their products at her new store. So, they did. And it was such a great feeling for everyone to work together during such a difficult time. And even better, the vendors make their products year-round now, not just for seasonal markets. I love this story! 

Snohomish Apothecary—the land of the living. 

The term apothecary means natural pharmacy. Along with Mindy’s aromatherapy business, The Land of the Living Apothecary, and an array of local high-quality natural supplements and products, it made sense to have apothecary in the name. Snohomish Apothecary is also a full-fledged wellness center! Mindy and an amazing team of experts (who utilize the secret space behind the store) specialize in health and fitness, Firefly light therapy that utilizes red light, infrared light and blue light frequencies to tackle inflammation and pain, 5th Element PEMF therapy, mental health counseling and more. 

Oh my, you must check out the wellness center. Go to the Snohomish Apothecary site for more information! This place is something really special and a constant reminder that great health is always available right around the corner.  

Locally Sourced Wellness

As much as she can, Mindy wants everything in the store to be local. From the supplements, skincare, and probiotics, to ice cream, raw milk, and fermented pickles, there’s so many unique, local products to choose from.  They carry CBD wellness products from bath bubbles, dried fruit, and massage oils ( check out new products coming soon!), to beard oil for men, organic grass fed Kefir yogurt and chocolate milk, gluten-free pastas, organic infused cooking oils and so much more. All of the gifts like the handmade pottery and jewelry are made by local artisans. 

Mindy’s Favorite Things! 

  • The Bougie Vitamins! Specifically Cymbiotika. 
    • They focus on micellar technology, so the vitamins are very absorbable, perfect for kids and anyone who doesn’t like to take pills. 
    • The vitamin C is an orange flavor and you can actually put it over ice cream, and it tastes delicious. 
    • The activated charcoal tastes like vanilla frosting. It’s like a candy store! 
    • The mushroom blend, that’s an immunity vitamin and tastes like hot fudge…it’s a very cool brand. 
  • All the amazing CBD products because our vendors grow and process in the Pacific Northwest and that supports families, and she’s all about supporting families. 🙂 
  • Raw fermented pickles and veggies—because it’s good for us!
  • Raw Cheese, yes please.
  • Homemade tea blends and tea bombs (more fun tea products coming soon!)
  • Her second store is opening soon…yay! Stay tuned for my information. 

But whatever is in Mindy’s store, you can count on it being local, natural or healthy—and most times all of the above.

Thank you Mindy for bringing some self-love and care to the Snohomish community! Go visit the store on Avenue D or shop online for all the healthy goodies. 

Until next time, 



Business Sense: A Spotlight with Tom Hughes

Hello everyone! This month’s spotlight is for all my small business owners out there. Let me introduce Tom Hughes—client, friend, and one of the most reputable businessmen I know.  I first met Tom in his bathroom. Yes, you read that right! I was actually doing hair for his daughter’s wedding at his beautiful home. Little did I know at the time he was a total superstar in the tech world and a mentor for so many business professionals like myself. Tom, his wife Julie, and his two daughters have been my customers for over 13 years now! Here’s why Tom is our spotlight of the month! 

A Certified Business Boss

A Seattle native, Tom went to the University of Washington, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Technology.  He began his career in software development, moved into IT Management, and was in charge of information technology for a multinational construction company across the Pacific Rim.  In 1997, Tom started what soon became a very, very reputable cloud services company, WTS, Inc. After 15 years, Tom sold his company, stayed on with them for a little over a year to help transition, and eventually retired in 2013. 

Yes, this is an impressive resume (and JUST a quick intro, so check him out on Linkedin for more career details!).  How he got here is what separates him from the rest. From creative networking (like working trade shows and offering free software trainings) to establishing and sustaining trusting relationships inside and outside his company, Tom created a name for himself in the IT industry that still resonates today. 

Tom’s Tips for Entrepreneurial Success! 

Network to Stay on Top

As you know, my business thrives on customer referrals.  Without their (your!!) support, my salon wouldn’t exist today! Tom says there’s no question that networking helped establish his reputation (especially at the beginning!) creating that trusted network of people to help build, grow and sustain his business. Tom created his business based on a trusted network of people as well as his own pro-active contributions to his field. He was well connected with other informational technology professionals who were interested in his vision as well as a solid base of customers who wanted to continue business with him. He created significant working relationships before and after starting his business, and continues to build relationships with business professionals everyday.

Give Back

When Tom finally retired he wanted to give back, but wasn’t sure how. He volunteered in the community and worked in soup kitchens serving others. But it was his wife Julie that inspired him to check out SCORE, an organization that mentored entrepreneurs. She reminded him that he can give back using his own rich experiences as an entrepreneur. SCORE turned out to be a true blessing. It’s an organization of volunteers that offers small-business advice and expertise. What started with just a small group of retired executives back in 1964 has now accumulated over 11,000 volunteers and 250 Chapters in the country, six of them in Washington State alone. These certified business mentors help small business entrepreneurs start, grow, re-structure and transition their businesses with free, professional advice. Tom is currently the organization’s Assistant District Director for the state of Washington. 

Find Someone to Give You Advice 

Perhaps one of Tom’s most significant tips for small business owners is to have an advisor. Whether that’s through a mentoring community like SCORE, or a business expert in their own field,  it should be a priority.  Entrepreneurs obviously have a knowledge and a passion about something, but there’s so many nuances and peripheral things they may know nothing about. Tom says an advisor will help them avoid a lot of pitfalls. 

One piece of advice Tom first gives small business owners is to make sure they have a BAIL team intact. This consists of a Banker, Accountant, Insurance Broker and Lawyer.  That way they are always protected and have experts contributing to the health and sustainability of their business. 

**To find a business mentor, go to the website https://www.score.org, and plug in your zip code to generate a mentor near you. 

My Top Two Takeaways:

  • Network your butt off! But, not just talk to people. Build relationships with them. Tom sold his company to a trusted person in his network. He wasn’t looking to sell. When a person in his network reached out,  he listened. Because he built this trusted professional relationship, he trusted the process. He sold the company, and finally had the financial freedom to soar and take on new adventures. Networking can literally change your life.
  • Ask for Help.  I’ve benefited greatly from using SCORE, getting support on the logistics of running my business. I seek business advice when needed, as their expertise is immeasurable. As Tom advised, let the experts help you navigate through the rough waters of business ownership. 
  • Learn to Pivot.  Tom’s helped me see things from a new perspective, especially now during the pandemic. He advises to be flexible and be ready to pivot at any given time under any circumstances.

Thank you for reading everyone! Stay tuned for our next blog spotlight with Mindy Westfall, Owner of Snohomish Apothecary & Wellness coming soon!

Until next time my friends! 



Let’s Get Social—Team Spotlight with Sarah Dylan Jensen

Hello Everyone! 

Part of my wellness journey is to surround myself with positive and inspiring people. Sarah Dylan Jensen reflects this in every way. She’s a business owner and manages three local farmers markets (Snohomish, Lake Stevens and Stanwood!). Rain or shine, Sarah supports the farmers and artisans in our community, helping us be seen in every way possible.  Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the community is truly something to spotlight. 

How We Met!

Sarah and I met ten years ago at a green networking event our mutual friend Alina hosted (shout out to Alina who owns Natural Clothing Company in town!).  We all shared a love for green health and wellness and a desire to share that within the community. Sarah and I both spent years networking with Snohomish businesses like Alina’s to support a sustainable culture. Networking is the key reason many of our clients referrals.  

We continue to network and meet amazing business women from Snohomish on a monthly basis as members of the Snohomish Networking Women’s group (I believe Sarah invited me to my first meeting back in 2012!).  We’re celebrating 10 years of our professional journey together, and I’m excited to share our chat about business, success and a little self-care. 

A Leap of Faith ( or a huge jump of the boat!)

A graphic designer by trade and former clothing designer for Zumiez, Sarah has a gift for marketing and design. After working for other marketing firms, she realized how much she marketing—especially  social media. When the market crashed in 2008, she realized a strong need for businesses in Snohomish to have an online presence above and beyond just a simple website, which many didn’t even have yet. She knew she could possibly fill that need, but wasn’t quite sure how to bring it to life.  As she networked and volunteered in the community, she started to really love working with them and that fostered into going to more events and putting herself out there, having the conversations about “what if we did this…and could I do this…”  And, when that right time came,  she did it. And, in her own words, she “took a very big jump off a very big boat!”  She started her own marketing company, Mockingjay Press

Sarah does everything from social media management and website design, to marketing campaigns. She runs my social media marketing and keeps up with my lightning-speed ideas as I build my own brand. I honestly couldn’t run my business without her skills. I’ve done it, and I don’t have time or the talent to do it well. Sarah’s expertise is absolutely invaluable. 

You will not, however, find her making any TikToks for me in the near future. 🙂 

Small Business Social

During our chat, Sarah offered a little social wisdom for us (you’re welcome…and are you taking notes?)

  • Make sure you are active on social media. Facebook and Instagram is where you should start as they are linked together anyways!  Facebook is simple and Instagram offers a clean look with creative options to showcase product photos or  live promotional video. 
  • Once you create an account, it’s important to stay active and post everyday! 
  • Experiment with other platforms like LinkedIn to engage with other professionals. 

Success is Freedom

Sarah and I talked quite a bit about how we both measure success and agree that it’s not just about financial gain—it’s about freedom. The farmers and vendors she works with at the market are non-profit. Her marketing clientele are small businesses. She’s not in it to make a six-figure salary (although…that would be nice!) She’s in it for the experience and the amazing relationships. But, it took her a while to create boundaries with people and find the right balance. After years of building her business, she found more “time” freedom to trust and delegate. And, this past November, for the first time in over a year, Sarah turned her “out-of-office” on and took a long, much-needed break to recharge. She had the chance to cook, relax, get creative, watch movies in her pajamas— all the things we don’t have the time or energy to do. 

And now,  we enter a new quarter, a new season ( 8 seasons to be exact!) managing the farmer’s markets.  Sarah shares that she just finished her vision board last night. Some of her main goals? More time for herself. And, perhaps, a little more sleep during market season.


  • Building healthy boundaries with clients creates balance and more freedom
  • Surround yourself with positive people—your support system is everything. 
  • Do what you love (jump off the boat every once in a while!)
  • Network, Network, Network! 

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about my wellness journey, exciting new happenings at the salon, and my first podcast!

Until next time my friends!