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Hello Everyone!

As many of you know, I am passionate about wellness and believe deeply in holistic treatment. Born and raised in Denmark, wellness was always at the root of everything. But I didn’t really go all-in until I studied and adapted a more natural and holistic lifestyle as an adult. The way I run my business is no exception. Since adopting a holistic green business model, many clients want to know more about my wellness journey. What do you eat? What do you use on your skin? Where do you exercise? My approach is simple—focus on the whole person. Adapting this mantra saved my life and changed it for the better, thanks to my Naturopath and other professionals who contribute to my over well-being. Here is just one important part of how I reclaimed control of my health.

My “Wake-Up” Call

In my early forties, I went to my regular medical doctor to see why I was having brain fog and fatigue. Without much consultation, he said I must be depressed and overly stressed. Stressed, maybe, but I wasn’t feeling sad or down. I felt more flushed and flu-ish, tired and weak— and I knew in my heart it wasn’t depression. Yet, he wrote me a prescription for antidepressants and sent me on my way. That was it. No treatment plan, no follow-through, no personalization whatsoever. If you know me, you know that wasn’t going to cut it. I was so disappointed by this approach. This was a huge wake-up call for me. I needed to dive deeper to see why my body was sending out red flags, not just mask it with drugs. Something wasn’t right and it wasn’t just depression.  I just didn’t feel…healthy. 

You Find What You Seek

One of my trusted clients suggested I go and see her Naturopath, Dr. Angela Jaegelli. From the very first appointment, her approach wasn’t about diagnosing me with something just to put me on meds. It was about getting to know me. I talked and she listened. In fact, to this day she still gives me an hour-long appointment, so we can discuss new methods to improve my health. It’s a constant journey, so it’s important to find a doctor who listens and takes action.  We decided to get a thorough blood panel and other various tests. I needed to start from scratch. 

At our next follow-up appointment, I was quite rattled by the results. Low iron, low vitamin D, no B-12 ( the list goes on!), all which were contributing to me feeling ill and stressed with brain fog. Even more random, is that I had a full blown case of Epsteinbar active virus most of us know it as Mono. My body was definitely inflamed and sending S.O.S signals. Turns out, I also have a genetic mutation called  “MTHFR,” (you can only imagine it’s nickname now), which stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. This means I have lower levels of folate and other vitamins in my system. It was not just depression after all. I needed nourishment and balance. I needed vitamins and supplements. And, I needed to do the work.

If I just simply took anti-depressants, I wouldn’t really heal, and most likely still feel sickly and fatigued while taking medication I didn’t need. Of course, as we age, we may need medication for this or that. But, if you treat the entire body as one whole (and start now!) it can be a powerful age-defier. I’m always a work-in-progress, but I feel healthy again.

My Wellness Plan ( It’s ever-changing! But, these are the staples. ) 🙂

  • Supplements and Vitamins. Take these. Mine varies based on my levels and moods, but I cannot express how important vitamin D, B-12, Vitamin A, magnesium, (and more!) are to your overall health—and if you’re not getting them through food, you need to take supplements. Check with your Naturopath (do you have one yet? :)) to see what you need. 
  • Vitamin Infusions every 12 weeks: That’s right! They put super-charged vitamins straight into my body, bypassing any digestive issues and absorbing perfectly, giving me the nourishment boost I need. It’s amazing. 
  • 15-day liver detox
  • 15-day plant-based diet
  • Chiropractor visits (future blog topic, stay tuned!)
  • Exercise I use the row machine for 20 minutes a day, lift free weights 2 times a week, and I do cardio at least once a week. 
  • I love the outdoors! And getting out in nature is a huge part of  my wellness. I just bought a mountain bike. I enjoy hiking and I cross-country ski! SO, there will be some fun winter adventures opportunities to stay active. 
  • Yearly Blood panel testing to ensure stability and wellness

I look forward to telling you more about my wellness journey! For more information about Dr. Angela Jaegelli, visit her informative site Sage Integrative Medicine!

Until next time!