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Meet Jewelry Designer Karen Sims Deady!

Hello Everyone! As you know, the last several blogs are all about my tribe—those that contribute to the success of my business and help it thrive. It takes a village, that’s for sure! Each person I highlight are superstar business people who walk the walk. I’m grateful for each and every one of them.  Karen Sims Deady is no exception. A client of mine for only a few months, she impresses me every time we talk. Once a part of the corporate world for many years, Karen took a risk and followed her dreams. Now a full-time contemporary artisan jewelry designer, Karen is metalsmithing (it’s a thing!) her way to boutiques, studios and art galleries to showcase her unique sterling silver and precious stone collections. 

From Corporate to Creative 

I admire Karen for taking risks. After over 15 years working a corporate job, she made the biggest risk of all—to follow her dreams of running her own creative business. She’s had other businesses. But not like this. And not one that would allow her more independence and freedom. She envisioned more than just a hobby on Etsy, more than just ideas and designs floating in her mind. With a leap of faith and total dedication, Karen made that dream a reality. 

Knowledge is Power

You all know I’m passionate about continuing education. The more you know, the more freedom you have.  Karen started taking metalsmithing classes (the art of creating something out of various kinds of metals like forming it, shaping it, stamping it, etc…). She learned to make her own metal pieces so she didn’t have to source them out anymore.  She loved the idea that anything she could dream up; she could make and could design any style and shape she wanted with this new skill. Although she was already an established jewelry designer with a small online boutique on Etsy that she managed on the side.  The class inspired her to explore new creative options for her designs and helped enhance her technique as she began to dive deeper into her revitalized business venture. 

Karen also taught herself via online DIY tutorials and claims that being proactive in her own education is what really pushed her business and passion further. 

It’s Personal 

I talk a lot about the importance of digital marketing.  But, some businesses, like Karen’s, require a more hands-on approach. People want to touch, feel, wear and dissect the jewelry. From the clasp to the length, the texture and the thickness—jewelry conveys a style, a certain vibe. Her customers want to experience that on a deeper level. Karen has a website. She is on social media. But, it’s not about the online presence.  With Karen, it’s personal. That’s why she prefers to showcase her jewelry in local spaces, so people can really experience the craftsmanship in person. 

The Metal of the Moon

Karen’s handcrafted jewelry is made from silver and what she calls the metal of the moon. It’s a graceful metal, appearing in many different ancient myths for centuries. Silver has a very gentle, cool soothing effect. Her respect for the material makes a big difference in the outcome of her designs. There’s very little waste and reflects her holistic values as an artist. From hammered metal to classic designs that can be worn day to evening, her classic, lightweight jewelry looks great on everyone, every age. 

My Takeaways: 

  • Teach Yourself. Take classes and network. There’s never a bad time to learn more from other professionals! 
  • If online marketing is not your thing, build your business the classic way—by networking, showcasing, and face-to-face marketing. 
  • Take risks. You have one life. It’s never too late to follow your passions! 

KSDluxe is online and at local galleries and boutiques like the Schack Art Center in Everett and of course, here at Dane Styles. Thank you Karen for sharing your beautiful designs with us! 

Much Love,