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It’s been a great summer, but I love the Fall season in Washington. As a mother of two teenagers, I am always super excited for this new season when school starts up again and there’s inspiration everywhere through nature and new beginnings. I love getting new school supplies, stocking up my office with bright pens and fresh notebooks, and buying new outfits for the whole family to match the crisp, cool weather that fall brings. I embrace it as a breath of fresh air and setting new goals in my business to finish the year strong. I even started a new kind of exercise to keep learning new movements and keep my brain challenged called MMA, something I have never tried before. It is super challenging and a bit humbling. So far I am having fun and making new friendships while we work hard on coordination, strength and speed.

I just finished the book, Becoming Michelle Obama. WOW just wow. Michelle is an amazing – fascinating intelligent sweet and sophisticated woman. She has the ability to tell her story with grace and authenticity, honoring her family and everyone involved. It is a must read if you have not done it yet. The next book I am reading will be Everything is Figuroutable , just released by Marie Forleo. A handful of fellow business women and I went to Marie’s book release to get our signed copy and meet the writer, and it was great meeting her and learning more about her life story and business decisions. If you do not know Marie Forleo, look her up right here: www.marietv.com. She has many years of experience in business building especially in the online space.

Fall always inspires me to learn new things in my field and make new goals. This October, I travel to Denver Colorado for an exciting class, “ Hygge Training “ with our Company. It’s a good time to connect, make friendships and learn from the best. I simply love continuing education, and I am the perfect forever student.

Fall also means back to school for my daughters, which makes it even more special. It represents growth and perseverance. I love raising capable little humans, and it’s a thrill to see my girls making mature choices, embracing change like it’s not a big deal, creating long lasting friendships and loving their freedom. It’s fun to listen to their perspective during dinner and through casual conversations. My oldest daughter is in high school, but already enrolled in college part-time, taking higher level classes so she can graduate High School with an Associate’s Degree–talk about having a head start! She works very hard and at the same time, holding several jobs throughout the year. My youngest daughter has just jumped full force into High School, She has literally signed up for everything she has a passion for, including playing the Trombone in band and Jazz band, joining the dance and Volleyball team and choosing Chinese and all Honors classes. She’s on fire, and I love supporting this busy life she has gotten herself into. Basically, our schedules are full of new experiences, learning and fun events–it’s such an exciting time of the year.

I am making an effort to meet a friend for lunch or coffee every week the rest of the year. Seems like it’s too easy to lose friendships when life is so busy!

Enjoy our beautiful Fall season!

Much Love,