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In Ayurveda, there are 108 marma points. Think of these marma points as intersections for energy flow through your body. During a marma point massage, these intersections are manipulated to boost circulation, release the tension of blocked energy flow, and offer relaxation.

A head and scalp massage benefits your entire physical body and state of emotions. Why? Around a quarter of these marma points are on your face! Add the energetic intersections found on your scalp, along your neck, and across your shoulders and you’re in for a powerful, positive experience that extends days after your appointment.

A mushroom-shaped kansa wand takes facial massage to the next level. Facial rollers are popular now for all kinds of reasons, but Ayurveda practitioners have been on this wavelength for centuries.

A good introduction to marma points and kansa wand massage is the Centering Shiroabhyanga + Facial Kansa Wand Massage at Lykke Spa.

Shiroabhyanga seems like a big word but it breaks down simply:

shiro = head 
abhyanga = massage

Indulge in this 75-minute service with Cee Jae and feel the shifts in your internal energy for an entire week!