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Hello Everyone! 

Part of my wellness journey is to surround myself with positive and inspiring people. Sarah Dylan Jensen reflects this in every way. She’s a business owner and manages three local farmers markets (Snohomish, Lake Stevens and Stanwood!). Rain or shine, Sarah supports the farmers and artisans in our community, helping us be seen in every way possible.  Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the community is truly something to spotlight. 

How We Met!

Sarah and I met ten years ago at a green networking event our mutual friend Alina hosted (shout out to Alina who owns Natural Clothing Company in town!).  We all shared a love for green health and wellness and a desire to share that within the community. Sarah and I both spent years networking with Snohomish businesses like Alina’s to support a sustainable culture. Networking is the key reason many of our clients referrals.  

We continue to network and meet amazing business women from Snohomish on a monthly basis as members of the Snohomish Networking Women’s group (I believe Sarah invited me to my first meeting back in 2012!).  We’re celebrating 10 years of our professional journey together, and I’m excited to share our chat about business, success and a little self-care. 

A Leap of Faith ( or a huge jump of the boat!)

A graphic designer by trade and former clothing designer for Zumiez, Sarah has a gift for marketing and design. After working for other marketing firms, she realized how much she marketing—especially  social media. When the market crashed in 2008, she realized a strong need for businesses in Snohomish to have an online presence above and beyond just a simple website, which many didn’t even have yet. She knew she could possibly fill that need, but wasn’t quite sure how to bring it to life.  As she networked and volunteered in the community, she started to really love working with them and that fostered into going to more events and putting herself out there, having the conversations about “what if we did this…and could I do this…”  And, when that right time came,  she did it. And, in her own words, she “took a very big jump off a very big boat!”  She started her own marketing company, Mockingjay Press

Sarah does everything from social media management and website design, to marketing campaigns. She runs my social media marketing and keeps up with my lightning-speed ideas as I build my own brand. I honestly couldn’t run my business without her skills. I’ve done it, and I don’t have time or the talent to do it well. Sarah’s expertise is absolutely invaluable. 

You will not, however, find her making any TikToks for me in the near future. 🙂 

Small Business Social

During our chat, Sarah offered a little social wisdom for us (you’re welcome…and are you taking notes?)

  • Make sure you are active on social media. Facebook and Instagram is where you should start as they are linked together anyways!  Facebook is simple and Instagram offers a clean look with creative options to showcase product photos or  live promotional video. 
  • Once you create an account, it’s important to stay active and post everyday! 
  • Experiment with other platforms like LinkedIn to engage with other professionals. 

Success is Freedom

Sarah and I talked quite a bit about how we both measure success and agree that it’s not just about financial gain—it’s about freedom. The farmers and vendors she works with at the market are non-profit. Her marketing clientele are small businesses. She’s not in it to make a six-figure salary (although…that would be nice!) She’s in it for the experience and the amazing relationships. But, it took her a while to create boundaries with people and find the right balance. After years of building her business, she found more “time” freedom to trust and delegate. And, this past November, for the first time in over a year, Sarah turned her “out-of-office” on and took a long, much-needed break to recharge. She had the chance to cook, relax, get creative, watch movies in her pajamas— all the things we don’t have the time or energy to do. 

And now,  we enter a new quarter, a new season ( 8 seasons to be exact!) managing the farmer’s markets.  Sarah shares that she just finished her vision board last night. Some of her main goals? More time for herself. And, perhaps, a little more sleep during market season.


  • Building healthy boundaries with clients creates balance and more freedom
  • Surround yourself with positive people—your support system is everything. 
  • Do what you love (jump off the boat every once in a while!)
  • Network, Network, Network! 

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about my wellness journey, exciting new happenings at the salon, and my first podcast!

Until next time my friends!