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Hello everyone! I recently wrote about my passion for holistic wellness–working on the body from the inside out. This week, I’m sharing a newfound obsession—the Super-Slow Style workout

I’ve tried just about every workout there is. From brutal sets at Crossfit, to dripping in sweat at hot yoga, I’ve tried it all, and usually with successful results. But, recently, I was searching for something new, something different. Then I tried the Super- Slow Style. And, I’m completely hooked. 

Megan, my fitness guru, works right next to my salon at Snohomish Apothecary. As I write this, I’m still shaking from my last workout! Although it was a good workout, I still thought like I failed since I didn’t “finish ” certain exercises completely.  Megan tells me, “ Failure here is success…we fail to succeed. And it’s just one of the many sort of backwards things about this unique training style.” 

The Super-Slow Style pushes and stresses your body until it’s maxed out in a safe and productive manner. People of all ages and ailments can do this. The intensity is related to the failure, and that means pushing something as hard as you can in a slow and safe cadence until you can’t do it anymore.  

Megan explains that we just do one set to failure. Whereas in most traditional strength training modalities, they’ll do multiple sets to fatigue. We do this to get stronger. Each workout, Megan encourages me to break out of the mold I’m used to. The mold of sets, reps, and HIITs—the mold of the normal, taxing workout grind. In order to get stronger and improve, you can’t keep doing things the way you’ve always done them. 

One of the best parts of this workout is the time. It takes 20 minutes for me to shake and feel tired. The slower, more focused pace, also helps prevent injury. I’m a competitive person, so it’s hard for me not to succeed at every workout. I’m also used to lifting and locking out. I want to feel that tension in my joints, like I’m following through with the exercise. Yet, this is not that. It’s more about the form and pace, not rushing to finish the rep. If my body is working at max capacity, even if I don’t make it all the way, or I don’t hit all the reps I’m used to, I’m still completing the workout to the best of my ability. 

Super-Slow Style is a safer, more focused workout. I’d even say it’s meditative. We take it slow, and we don’t force it. We focus on what the body can do today. And if we fail, we still succeed. Megan calls it a beautiful fail. Because listening to the body is so important.  

Will I eventually max out of this style? Maybe. But the point of this particular workout is to discover the strongest version of yourself. And she is so right. This doesn’t just help strengthen and lean out my body, it literally changes the makeup of my mind. It builds confidence. It develops stamina. It creates a better…me. 

My Fitness Journey Takeaways:

  • Slow and steady wins the race–there’s something to be said about a workout that is focused and about the form, not rushed and full of countless reps. 
  • Super-Slow Style is a lifestyle. All ages benefit from this style of exercise. It’s not a trend, it’s a true, life-changing program that evolves as you do. 
  • Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness ( although I’m starting to have fabulous abs, lol!) . After doing this for a few months, I feel more mentally fit than ever. I am laser focused on how my body works and how it serves me. 

Megan Usui, my personal trainer, would love to tell you more about Super-Slow Style if you’re eager for a change!  

Until next time my friends!