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Elevate ..delegate…elevate…delegate…this is my life right now–my new daily routine after badly spraining my calf muscle doing a simple sprint in MMA class. As I lay here cozy, but in quite discomfort on my couch, my injured leg is elevated and slathered in Deep Tissue Pain & Muscle Blend (Land of The Living Apothecary) underneath a heating pad for blood circulation. I’m holding a cup of hot tea in one of my favorite mugs with the phrase “Love yourself first” written on it.  And it all, seems so… ironic. The moment I gain the most momentum in my career, I experience this major setback.

I know it’s not that unique to have a sports injury. But honestly, this is my first! And, it’s been humbling, to say the least. I’m a go-getter who never stops–and now, I can’t move. I am very grateful for all the help. And, the silver lining? It’s making me sit back and really think about my life. It’s made me have more patience and understanding. I’ve learned that delegating is actually a healthy part of life if you want to be successful. This change is welcomed, and it’s actually refreshing. Funny how something bad can turn into something rewarding. 

Another 6-10 weeks will go by until I am back on my feet, literally. But, I feel so fortunate that my salon clients are understanding, and I have such a great team of professionals to support me in a strong health and wellness routine. Morgan Binnie, my wonderful and knowledgeable Chiropractor at Snohomish Family Chiropractic also referred me to an amazing orthopedic doctor and sports physician, who are guiding me in physical therapy. And, my personal trainer Sarah from @Wildstyle Gym, is creating a custom conditioning routine for me, so I can stay strong as I heal. 

Love yourself first. And, then that’s what I shall do. And, if I don’t take this time to love and heal myself, everything I worked so hard for recently will take a backseat to this inconvenient situation. I won’t let that happen. So, I’ll elevate and delegate while I heal and love myself…right from my cozy couch for now!  


  1. Delegate, of course! Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  2. Build a team of professionals to help meet your goals.
  3. Seize the day! Get the most out of your “forced” breaks.
  4. Practice self-care, stay strong  & active as much as possible-just in case you find yourself in my position, a strong body heals faster! 

Much Love,