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Hello Everyone! 

Priyanka Parmanand is the display artist for May and June at the salon! If you haven’t come in to see her work yet, you must before June is over. Our fabulous Art Talk curator Andrea Lewicki wrote up this review for us, describing Priyanka’s technique and approach to her newest collection.

Priyanka is an accomplished painter and arts educator. She paints abstract florals in vibrant colors using palette knives with a loose, spontaneous touch. Priyanka explains, “the complexity and boldness of abstract art has always spoken to me. My work is a blend of expressionism and impressionism. I work with acrylic paints with texture and surface being an important aspect of my work. I work in a simple and spontaneous way with palette knives, moving back and forth loosely across the painting surface. I use vibrant colors that push and pull each other to completion. I paint florals because they reinvigorate ‘Hope’, the fundamental belief for human existence. It is an expression of all that is different while unifying this diversity through a common denominator of human feelings. Plus, they are comforting, healing and bring smiles.” The uplifting quality of her style is a match for the season and a comfort to many! 

Last month we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon Artist Talk with Priyanka where we heard more about her palette knife painting process. She also shared a new direction in her artistic style with us. Here are some video highlights focused on a trio of paintings that reflect this exciting shift. 

In this first video highlight, Priyanka shares the inspiration behind the special triptych that is displayed in Lone’s studio room. It isn’t the rain-watered, lush landscape we are experiencing right now.


Those familiar with her paintings might be surprised to see the black and white background with sharper shapes and less of the luscious buttering of paint characteristic of Priyanka’s floral work. In this second highlight, listen to hear how she took her composition cues from the landscape that inspired the trio.


Finally, listen to Priyanka describe the painting process for the Desert Blooms triptych which is available at @danestyles_artistry in Snohomish through the end of the month.


Thank you, Priyanka, for displaying your paintings with us!

Read more about this artist on her website, https://priyankastudio.com/, or follow her on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/crimsoncanvas/.

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