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Hello Everyone! 

Our fabulous art curator (and amazing artist-to-boot!), Andrea Lewicki, toured the Dane Styles studio with our featured artist, Kuria Jorissen during this month’s Art Talk night. Kuria, creator of Call of the Mountain Photography, shared her stories of inspiration behind some of her favorite photos (most taken under the stars in the beautiful PNW), as well as what’s next on her photography bucket list! 

Studio Favorites

As Astrophotographer Kuria Jorissen shares her some of her favorite pieces that hang beautifully on our studio walls, one word comes to mind—magical. From the Milky Way at Mt. Rainier to an ocean of stars in Oregon, Kuria stunningly and patiently captures our planet’s true beauty through the lens of her camera (and hidden in her Adventure Quilt as she waits for the perfect shot!)

Photo Credit: https://art.callofthemountainsphotography.com

Ocean of Stars: Kuria captured this amazing photo off the Oregon coast during the perseids (meteor shower) and reflects the awesome phenomenon known as zodiacal light, the ecliptic path of the sun, moon, and planets, and best seen around the equinoxes. Kuria shot this in early August and used her tripod and a star tracker, which tracks the speed of the stars. Each image is two pictures blended together—one for the stars (when the star tracker is on) and one for the landscape (when it’s off). Kuria also catured the bioluminescence waves (when plankton are a little emotional, they glow underwater—this creates the sparkling blue light). Kuria calls it a “full Disney princess thing!” Absolutely stunning! 

Galaxies at First Light: Arguably one of Kuria’s best Milky Way shots, Galaxies at First Light magnifies Mt. Rainier’s truest beauty under the stars.  Piercing through the peaceful yellow skies that shed the east (Yakima to be exact!), the galactic center of the Milky Way shows its radiant core against the night sky and above the grand mountain. What started as a densly foggy and lightly windy evening, ended with a crystal clear portrait of the galaxies at first light.  

Last Light Yosemite: Inspired by artist Ansel Adams, Kuria spent a few days in the hot July valley shooting the natural beauty that is Yosemtie National Park. Although she got alitutude sickness (which is ironic since she’s from Colorado. :)), Kuria took full advantage and captured several beautiful movements of light in the alpen glow sunsets. This experience was truly magnificent, as the sunsets stretch across the valley of these granite giant cliffs, boudlers and mountains. 

To view Kuria’s full collections and learn more about her work, visit Call of the Mountain Photography or visit our natural hair salon in Snohomish Dane Styles, and check it out in-person!  

Kuria’s Bucket List

We asked Kuria what’s next for her, and she shared lots of exciting adventures ahead! 

  • Castles. Yes please! Kuria thinks this will be her next and more realistic goal. She wants to finally get off the continent and visit Scotland, Ireland and England to shoot Castles! We can’t wait for that.
  • The Northern Lights (with the ribbony mists!). She wants to visit Alaska or Iceland, whichever calls first. Sounds devine.
  • Active volcanoes (Hawaii or Iceland!). More speficially, the lava under the Milky Way.  
  • Native Constellations. Kuria is learning more about the native constellations and the stories behind their stars. Since we are usually just taught the Greek history of stars, she is really excited to learn more about our own native history. Can’t wait for this! 

Thank you Kuria for making our studio look out-of-this-world magical! 🙂  

Much Love,