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Snohomish Apothecary’s Mindy Westfall Gives Us Just What We Need!

Hello everyone! I am super excited about our March Spotlight. I first met Mindy Westfall at a Snohomish Womens’ Network meeting at Randolph Cellars (shout out!!). It was more curiosity than circumstance that enabled me to go deeper with her right away. She was speaking to another member about the construction happening at her new storefront. I already knew she was moving into this amazing space in Snohomish, right in the center of Avenue D. And, I also knew that this specific building was bigger than meets the eye because I had my eye on it as well. But, I wasn’t exactly sure what she was up to. 

I’m bold, so I asked. 

Mindy told me more about her aromatherapy background and desire to bring natural health into the heart of Snohomish. This new store would be a fresh perspective on healthy living, offering an assortment of locally made natural goods and gifts. She said she wanted to chat with me that evening because she had space in her building to lease, and she knew I was looking. She liked that I was a holistic salon, carrying all-natural luxury haircare. She now tells me,  “Your vibe just fit with the ethos of what we were doing.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t move into that space due to plumbing issues, but even better, I moved in right next door! 

The Calm During the Storm

It was February 2020 when Mindy began construction. But when March came, as you know, everything changed; it was like everyone went to sleep.  Life was literally about to shut down. Mindy felt like she had no other choice but to finish the store herself. With all six kids (yes, that’s right!) in tow and her husband Tim and a few other friends by her side,  Mindy completed the demolition before the shutdown, finishing the remodel and still opening up on time during a world-wide pandemic. It happened… peacefully. It happened… successfully. But, it’s not a surprise. This is her passion. And, she’s great at it.  Mindy tells me that she is good at birthing things. From her kids to essential oils and all the business things, she loves creating from start to finish. What a great way of looking at it! 

New challenges came when updated health and food regulations were announced. Her friends, the makers and farmers who created these natural goods, were pretty much shut down. And, so she asked if they wanted to put their products at her new store. So, they did. And it was such a great feeling for everyone to work together during such a difficult time. And even better, the vendors make their products year-round now, not just for seasonal markets. I love this story! 

Snohomish Apothecary—the land of the living. 

The term apothecary means natural pharmacy. Along with Mindy’s aromatherapy business, The Land of the Living Apothecary, and an array of local high-quality natural supplements and products, it made sense to have apothecary in the name. Snohomish Apothecary is also a full-fledged wellness center! Mindy and an amazing team of experts (who utilize the secret space behind the store) specialize in health and fitness, Firefly light therapy that utilizes red light, infrared light and blue light frequencies to tackle inflammation and pain, 5th Element PEMF therapy, mental health counseling and more. 

Oh my, you must check out the wellness center. Go to the Snohomish Apothecary site for more information! This place is something really special and a constant reminder that great health is always available right around the corner.  

Locally Sourced Wellness

As much as she can, Mindy wants everything in the store to be local. From the supplements, skincare, and probiotics, to ice cream, raw milk, and fermented pickles, there’s so many unique, local products to choose from.  They carry CBD wellness products from bath bubbles, dried fruit, and massage oils ( check out new products coming soon!), to beard oil for men, organic grass fed Kefir yogurt and chocolate milk, gluten-free pastas, organic infused cooking oils and so much more. All of the gifts like the handmade pottery and jewelry are made by local artisans. 

Mindy’s Favorite Things! 

  • The Bougie Vitamins! Specifically Cymbiotika. 
    • They focus on micellar technology, so the vitamins are very absorbable, perfect for kids and anyone who doesn’t like to take pills. 
    • The vitamin C is an orange flavor and you can actually put it over ice cream, and it tastes delicious. 
    • The activated charcoal tastes like vanilla frosting. It’s like a candy store! 
    • The mushroom blend, that’s an immunity vitamin and tastes like hot fudge…it’s a very cool brand. 
  • All the amazing CBD products because our vendors grow and process in the Pacific Northwest and that supports families, and she’s all about supporting families. 🙂 
  • Raw fermented pickles and veggies—because it’s good for us!
  • Raw Cheese, yes please.
  • Homemade tea blends and tea bombs (more fun tea products coming soon!)
  • Her second store is opening soon…yay! Stay tuned for my information. 

But whatever is in Mindy’s store, you can count on it being local, natural or healthy—and most times all of the above.

Thank you Mindy for bringing some self-love and care to the Snohomish community! Go visit the store on Avenue D or shop online for all the healthy goodies. 

Until next time,