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Like for all of us, 2020 probably started out with a strong game plan for business and family–graduation, new business goals and summer vacation plans–until it was all crushed by the Coronavirus Pandemic and our lives as we knew it changed. 


 Finding Our Rhythm 

 Within a few days, both my businesses were basically shut down, and it got really super uncomfortable, scary and quiet. My teenagers were instantly sent home from school, after packing up all their belongings from the lockers. No word, no notice, no plan, no activities, not allowed to visit with friends. I was trying to navigate the news, and not knowing really what to say or do. I assured them that we were safe at home and will be fine. There was no need to go anywhere and we had absolutely everything we will ever need. The same day I shut my Salon down. My comfortable work-from-home life was about to get very cozy, and not in the hot cocoa kind-of-way. 




Getting (and staying) Motivated

It’s been more than two months now, and we have all found a good rhythm on most days…but, I’m ready to go back to work. I have had some wonderful heartfelt phone conversations with all my clients I service in my salon; they have all been amazing and supported my little business, and I’m forever grateful to them–to you.

 And so, to stay proactive and motivated, I shifted my focus to the online business world. Much of “behind the scenes” is now updated and I have managed to catch up with self-assigned jobs I had wanted to tackle for a long time. Participation in online educational classes is my creative brain food these days. My Distribution Company NATULIQUE has done a great job supporting us with knowledge from Social media, fashion to sanitation. I listen to podcasts on my walks ( yes, I can move again!). Right now, I love “The life-coach School” with Brook Castillo, I get some great advice and honest coaching from her.

 Sassoon Online provides fuel for my love for precision cutting, and every morning I’ve been on for hours, watching and listening to these Masters I so admire. It’s amazing to have so much free time to soak it all up, however bittersweet

It’s no lie that many of us appreciate the slower lifestyle and being forced to organize the house, workout and tend the garden now that we have the time to feed our passions and be with family. I am pondering how to keep this slowed down lifestyle, but yet move forward and with intention and purpose. 









What I have learned about myself during this time:

*I am happy how I’m spending my stay-at-home time.

*I try not to stress and worry about things I have no control over.

*I slowed down because I could  – I  don’t feel guilty, I deserve a break

* I stayed connected to the people that mean the most to me.

*I do at least one task a day that has brought me closer to my end goal.

* I am being proactive and keep moving forward – even in a world pandemic – and I realize that we all react and respond very differently to a crisis.

* I love my job, 🙂 

Much Love, Lone